How To Stop Excessive Sweating


Sweating is whereby body gets rid of excessive fluid by releasing it through the sweat glands located under the skin. Sweat is a transparent colorless and acidic fluid. Sweating is the process by which the body loses heat to help keep body temperatures at a regulated level to provide the necessary conditions for body processes, for example during exercises it helps the body manage heat to prevent overheating.

Sweating also helps the body to eliminate harmful toxins that may be poisonous to organs. Therefore, it makes the immune system work even better by ensuring favorable conditions to prevent diseases that might be caused by the accumulation of these toxins. It also provides an exit way for heavy metals like lead and mercury which are carcinogenic and are usually present in water, food and industrial emissions because they can harm the heart, brain, and kidney. This relieves the work that should have been done by the liver and kidney to get rid of such substances, therefore, allowing the organs to carry out other activities in the body.  Visit this website at for more info!

Sometimes a person might experience excessive sweating which can be quite uncomfortable, and it may be caused by many things. Among the causes is an underlying health condition including diseases such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, malaria inflammation of the stomach lining and reaction to some specific medicines taken by a person that cause negative side effects. It can also be caused by a skin that is very intolerant to high temperatures especially when the person moves from a cool place to a relatively hotter location. Sometimes a person might also experience emotional sweating whereby their emotions such as anger, fear and sometimes love might trigger the sweat glands to produce sweat. In abnormal situations, the glands might secrete sweat uncontrollably. For more info about electrotherapy, visit .

Excessive sweating can be prevented in many depending on what or how it is caused. That caused by nonmedical reasons can be avoided by use of antiperspirants which contains aluminum salts that prevent sweating when applied on the skin. Avoiding heavy clothes that might cause heat buildup within the body should be considered and instead wear light fabric such as cotton. Showering on a daily basis using an antibacterial soap helps keep the body clean and fresh therefore keeping body temperatures down thus preventing too much sweating. In severe cases of excessive sweating that has not responded to other treatments, surgery can be administered to correct the problem in the sweat glands or cutting the nerves that activate the sweat glands. Know about Iontophoresis machine here!